Reinventing business law

Infuero specializes in business law, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Lawyer as a Service, our unlimited subscription provides ongoing legal assistance, perfect for dynamic businesses. Additionally, our expertise in litigation services ensures robust, strategic representation in litigation. Experience our holistic legal approach, tailored to meet the contemporary challenges of business.

infuero, le cabinet d'avocat des startups et des professionnels de l'IT

Mastering Litigation in Luxembourg and Belgium

At infuero, we excel in navigating complex litigation landscapes in Luxembourg and Belgium. Our seasoned legal team is adept at handling a wide range of disputes, from commercial and corporate conflicts to more specialized areas. We understand the intricacies of local laws and court procedures, ensuring robust representation for our clients. infuero is your trusted partner in managing and resolving legal disputes effectively. Discover our comprehensive litigation services, where expertise meets strategic legal action.

Your B2B debt collection

With rekoov, say goodbye to outstanding B2B debts and hello to streamlined cash flow. For an upfront fee of just €150 and 15% of the amount recovered, we turn the tables on debt delinquency. Catering to claims starting as low as €500, we make sure that size never stands in the way of what you're owed. Don’t let unpaid invoices drain your business. It’s time to recover what’s yours, effectively and ethically.

Data is part of the firm's DNA

At Infuero, GDPR isn’t just a checklist—it’s a passion that ignites our practice. We see beyond the maze of regulations to the heart of what GDPR stands for: trust, transparency, and the empowerment of your customer relationships.

Embrace GDPR with the fervor it deserves. Let's transform the necessity of compliance into a dynamic asset that elevates your business. With Infuero's dedicated guidance, unlock the full power of data protection and unleash the potential of your startup or SMB.

Dive into our GDPR services with zeal and let’s craft a future where your business doesn’t just comply, but leads with confidence.

Lawyers with a passion for information technology

Our team. Your team.

In addition to the in-house team, the firm is surrounded by the multidisciplinary experts necessary for the most efficient handling of your case.

Lawyer (Luxembourg - Brussels)

Claude, a lawyer at the Brussels and Luxembourg bars, founded and managed IT companies before joining the bar. He also worked for 6 years at Adobe as Sales and Marketing Director for the ColdFusion software. His expertise in the IT sector ensures a thorough understanding of the legal issues faced by his clients.

Lawyer (Luxembourg)

It was her passion for trademark law and intellectual property as a whole that led Kenza to pursue a Master 2 in Intellectual Property and Information Technology at the University of Lorraine. Her academic background having combined law and programming, Kenza is able to grasp the specific issues of information technology law.

Lawyer (Brussels)

Anne Laure primarily practices labor law. Drawing from her experience as an HR consultant, she has a unique understanding of human and professional challenges. She further enhances her expertise through her role as a law professor at a higher education institution. With Anne Laure, benefit from an informed and pragmatic legal approach.

Why is choosing an ICT lawyer important ?

In the digital domain, the right legal ally does more than protect — they enable and enlighten. Infuero stands at the intersection of law and technology, not just serving ICT innovators but also their clients. Our passion for tech and our roots in the IT industry give us the edge in both advisory and litigation, ensuring that your dealings with providers are fortified by foresight and strategic acumen. Whether you're pioneering in ICT or seeking to navigate its waters safely, Infuero is your beacon — illuminating the path to clear, compliant, and advantageous outcomes for you and your clientele.

Travaillons ensemble

Strong commitments to be at your side

And to meet our commitments, modern and adapted tools

No more billing by the hour

Flat rate, capping, result-based fees or subscription, we do our utmost to avoid billing by the hour whenever possible.

Unfiltered communication

No secretarial filter, you are in direct contact with your lawyer, whether by telephone, email, video conference or instant messaging.

The choice of clear language

No incomprehensible legal notes, but clear advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions about the challenges you face.

Taking you towards autonomy

Doing and undoing is still work. But we prefer to make you more competent by training you to be more and more autonomous.

Our areas of focus

Some examples of our areas of intervention

infuero assists you with advice and litigation before the administrative and judicial courts, both in civil and criminal matters

GDPR and personal data

Audit and support for compliance with the GDPR / Subcontracting of personal data ("DPA") / Impact analysis prior to processing personal data / Response to requests from data subjects / Data protection officer / Training / Coaching of the data protection officer / Staff awareness / Notification of personal data breach / Legal defence / Complaint to the Data Protection Authority (...)

ICT Contracts

Review and drafting of contracts / IT-specific duty of information clauses / Software licensing / IT or website development / Software as a Service / Hosting / Cloud services / Legal notices for e-commerce websites / Blockchain / Artificial intelligence / Legal defence (...)

Intellectual property

Trademark registration / Prior trademark search / Copyright / Design registration / Sui generis database law / Assistance in preparing patent applications / Drafting (or revising) your contracts with your clients, suppliers or employees / Management, protection and enhancement of your intellectual property portfolio / Copyright income / Assignment or licensing agreements / Media law / Music industry law / Legal defence (...)

Commercial and company law

Company formation / Shareholders' agreement / Shareholder disputes / Company liquidation / General terms and conditions of sale or purchase / Negotiation assistance / Contract drafting / Litigation and litigation / Contract termination / Unfair competition action / Commercial partnership contracts / Distribution law / Commercial agency contract / Management company / Commercial lease / Legal defence (...)

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